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Al Milburn is a well known luthier, working in Kensington, Ca. He has been repairing musical instruments in the Bay Area since 1983. He is also a talented musician and songwriter. Al has had several serious medical problems in the last few years, resulting in 5 major surgeries. He is a Vietnam war vet, and the VA has done a good job helping him with the actual medical procedures. However, Al is in need of one more surgery, which will prevent him working for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. After the last few years , he simply does not have the financial resources to take the required break. So, Al needs our help. He needs Your help! A benefit concert is being held on July 31st, at the 19 Broadway night club, in lovely Fairfax ( Marin county). The benefit will be held from 11AM until 6PM. Musical guests will include George Cole, The RaveUps, and other well known Bay Area musicians…. PLEASE COME AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT !!!

For information, donation help, directions, or any other information about the Al Milburn benefit please call Robert Powell at 415-454-1228

A paypal address has been set up (to the right) if you feel motivated to help Al. Your generosity will be very much appreciated, and ANY size donation will gladly be accepted, with gratitude. Al has been a great resource for the Bay Area’s musicians for almost 30 years. Please help us to keep him around and fixing our guitars for another few decades!!

****** HOW TO HELP OUT ******

1. Go to and send your donation to his paypal account. His paypal address is . (Must be a member of PayPal, registering is easy)

2. Another way to help out is to send your check directly to:
Al Milburn
437 Colusa Ave
Kensington, CA 94707

3. Bring your check/donation to the Al Milburn benefit on Sunday, July 31st 11am-6pm at 19th and Broadway in Fairfax, CA

4. Come to the Al Milburn benefit (see above) and bid on an item in the auction for Al.

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July 5, 2011 at 6:35 pm

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